Here's How to Swim Your Way to Better Health, Greater Wealth

Health is wealth, literally!

Swimming is the best exercise, as well as a competitive sport. It's not a fad either, so no matter what fitness trends that spring up, swimming is your best bet to be in tip-top shape, whether for fun, or for preparing for a competition.

Second only to walking on water is swimming on land.

The DrySwim Trainer, a revolutionary invention, is the perfect solution to anyone who ever wanted to swim, learn to swim or exercise swimming with or without water. It simulates the pivoting of the body as it does in the water, and gives you a better workout than actually swimming in the water.

Think Olympics.The DrySwim Trainer is an excellent swim machine for Olympians to train, when they are out of water. It is great for swimmers preparing for the Olympic Games, or for a local or national competition.

Freestyle swimming is a category in the Olympic competition, and most everyone uses the Australian crawl because it is the fastest stroke. With the DrySwim Trainer, Olympians, mid-level and advanced swimmers, can practice the technique called the Early Vertical Forearm (EVF), an important part of an efficient freestyle stroke.

If you aspire to swim like Olympians do, or swim with them in the same pool, the DrySwim Trainer is perfect for you. You can become as good as the Olympic Swimming Team in Rio now, in the years to come. How easy it is to train right in the comfort of your living room, or to ask your dad to throw in all the convenience of an outdoor pool right in there.

The DrySwim Trainer is also the solution, the final leg in the Tri-athlete and open water swimmer. The DrySwim Trainer fits right next to the stationary bike and treadmill in your home or at your local health club, swim club or triathlon club.

What's more, the DrySwm Trainer makes for a sound investment not only healthwise, but also for creating wealth.

Swim coaches, health spa or sport facilitiy owners, take advantage of this potential 1.5 billion dollar industry, Now!


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DrySwim Trainer is a floor model and used without water. There is nothing that you can do in the water that you can't do on the DrySwimTrainer. You can train distance or sprints. You can do long workouts or short ones. You can do drills including "the catch up" or "single arm drills".